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Frequently Asked Questions

Anglia Access Platforms are part of the Access Link, meaning we can service your needs countrywide. Call us on 0845 2600 191 and we can locate a machine nearest to you.

What machines do you stock ?

JLG, Genie, Haulotte, Niftylift , Skyjack, Manitou, Linde, JCB

Where are you based ?

Hill Farm, Watton Road, Barford, Norfolk, NR9 4AR.

Can I have a site survey ?

Yes you can, we will send out our engineer to inspect and gauge the type of machine required to carry out the job. This is free and you are under no obligation.

How does the pricing work ?

All prices quoted are ex vat. Machine prices are calculated on an ad hoc basis for a quote please phone 0845 2600 191 or 01603 758246.

How long can I hire the machine for ?

You can hire a machine to suit your needs, from one day to a year the choice is yours. We mostly work on a hire periods of the following:

Nothing is set in stone, please feel free to discuss your requirements with us

Is there a charge for delivery / collection ?

Yes, delivery and collection rates vary with distance and will be quoted when you enquire about a machine. Delivers are made Monday am to Friday pm.

When should I book the machine I require ?

Please book as early as possible. You may reserve by telephone, e-mail or fax.

Hire Desk: 0845 2600 191

Office: 01603 758 246

E-mail: hire@angliaaccess.co.uk

Fax: 01603 759269

How and when do I pay ?

Credit Card

All major credit cards are accepted. For all one off hires payments will be taken in full. In most cases this means that your hire is completed before your card statement is due. For long-term hires, charges are made at 1-week intervals.

Debit Card

All major debit cards are accepted. For all one off hires payments will be taken in full, we do accept bank transfers.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties, please see our Privacy Policy.

Anglia Access Platforms 30 Day Account

If you wish to hire on a regular basis with up to 30 days credit, please complete the attached account form. Please do not hesitate to call accounts on 01603 758246 if you have any queries.

What do I do if I need to cancel the machine order ?

Contact us immediately on 0845 2600 191 or 01603 758246 or hire@angliaaccess.co.uk to cancel your hire agreement. If payment has already been taken in full from your credit or debit card a full refunded will be made if cancellation is received 24 hours prior to the machine being delivered. If the machine has already been delivered you will be charged a fixed rate cancellation fee.

Can you provide copies of the Loler ?

Yes we can, please call the office on 01603 758246 to request a copy.

What are Safe Working Loads ?

All platforms come with a specified lift capacity. EG, 19’ Electric Scissor, lift capacity of 227kg, this works on the principle of 2 average weight people (weighing 90kgs each) with a 47kg capacity of tools or materials. Anglia Access Platforms accept no liability for the inability to complete jobs by the hirer overloading the platform / basket being loaded above this level.

It should be noted that machines are designed as platforms for people to work at height with light loads and should, under no circumstances be used as material hoists. Any infringement of this will be placing the machine out of it’s designed parameters and could potentially lead to machine damage, danger to personnel using the lift and anyone in the proximity of the machine. Should such an incident occur the machine will be confiscated and action will be taken against the hirer. For an explanation of issues concerning proper / improper usage of platforms please go to www.ipaf.org/en/resources/faq/

Machine specs are available on this website or please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01603 758246 if you have any queries.

In what wind speed can a machine work ?

All MEWPs are designed to operate in wind speeds up to a maximum which should be marked on the machine. Operation in wind speeds above this maximum will cause instability. Wind speed can be measured from the platform with a hand held anemometer but it is more usual to estimate using the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force.

The Beaufort Scale of Wind Force is accepted internationally and is used when communicating weather conditions. It consists of number 0- 17, each representing a certain strength of velocity of wind at 10m (33ft) above ground level in the open. It is very important to realise that wind speed increases with height and may be 50% greater at a height of 20 meters above ground level.

You should be aware of the shielding and funnelling effects of high buildings which may cause high wind speeds on days when the wind speed in an open area is low. What do I do when I have finished with the machine ?

Phone the office on 01603 758246 to off hire the machine, simply quote you contract number or supply us with your details, you will be given an off hire reference. We also accept e-mail off hire requests, please e-mail:- hire@angliaaccess.co.uk and we will reply with an off hire number at which point your hire has ceased. The off hired machine will be collected within 7 days of the off hire, please advise of any collection instructions, please make sure the equipment is stored in a safe location until it is collected.


A cleaning charge will be levied if equipment is returned dirty.

What happens if something is broken, damaged or missing ?

We do charge for broken and damaged equipment. Be sure to store the equipment in a secured location when not in use and make sure it is protected from vandalism or loss. You can avoid the risk of unforeseen charges by taking out our damage waiver option. The damage waiver option is charged at 10% of the hire rate, full details are available. Click here

What do I do if my machine breaks down ?

Anglia Access Platforms will provide you with telephone engineer back up and on site engineer breakdown service. Should such an incident occur, please phone 0845 2600 191 or the office on 01603 758246 for assistance.

What are your Terms and Conditions ?

At Anglia Access Platforms we operate by the hire terms set by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA). Read more on the CPA  terms and conditions of plant hire.

Do I have to clean the equipment I’ve hired before returning it to Anglia Access Platforms ?

A cleaning charge will be levied if equipment is returned dirty.

What do I need to charge my electric machine ?

110v supply either from a transformer or via a 110v power socket. If using a transformer make sure it is plugged directly into a socket and not into an extension lead. Most machines take an average of 6-8 hours to charge and will switch off automatically once charged.

Can I hire a Transformer and Lead ?

Yes, these are available for hire.

Do I need a PAL (Powered Access Licence) card to use a machine?

Currently not unless you are a main contractor.

Do I need a harness for all MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)?

Although not a legal requirement both the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) strongly recommends that a full body harness with an adjustable lanyard (adjusted as short as possible to provide work restraint) is used when working from a boom type MEWP or vehicle mounted boom. 

Can I purchase harnesses from you?

Yes, we offer harness and lanyard sets which come complete with individual serial numbers and product history cards.

What are your office opening hours ?

09.00 hours to 16.00 hours – 01603 758246.